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Ministry Affiliation

Ministry Affiliation

As Healing of the Nation’s Ministries Association is built upon the belief that the Prophetic Prayer of Jesus, as found recorded by Saint John the Beloved, in John Chapter 17, is of great importance to the spreading of the beloved saving Gospel of Jesus and His Heavenly Father; Yehovah, through the Love, the Unity of Spirit, of all Believers of His Supernatural Body, “the Church”, in the Holy Spirit ~ Yahweh:

The Leadership Team of H.N.M.A. , in a desire to aid, and give opportunity for any and all like-minded individual Follower’s, and independent recognized Churches, of Jesus the Christ, to affiliate together for the sole purpose of relationship and possible cooperative measures together; while keeping their own independent identity status; (and), for the purpose to assist in the raising up of individuals and married couples into various Ordained ministry status; whom have shown evidence of carrying a truly New Testament Biblical Anointing and Calling, with divine purpose toward Ministry: H.N.M.A. Offers the following. Various Restoration Ministries, Accountability Relationships, Mentoring, Advisement, Ordaining into Ministry of Individual and Married Couples and Instruction in Processes of Writing Articles of Incorporation and Proper Incorporation of new Churches.

Ministry Affiliation

To Establish Church Affiliation With H.N.M.A.

Association offers independent Churches scattered across the U.S.A., and in various foreign nation’s an opportunity to build relationships with other like minded independent churches, [to], share ideas, methods, and various mission’s needs and opportunities, for the purpose of strengthening each other, for accountability relationships, for sharing answers and techniques for growth and evangelization, education, and ideas for various department ministries’ growth and expansion. While at the same time, being able to hold onto one’s own independence legally.

To Establish Individual Association With H.N.M.A.

Association offers individuals and couples, either, already serving in some recognized, licensed, or, ordained independent ministry, those whom may have formerly served in a proven, licensed or ordained ministry, but for various reasons are not currently serving, but whom still are carrying a burden for ministry unto the Lord and his ‘Body’; or, those individuals, sensing a truly recognized gifting and calling, toward ministry; an opportunity by officially membering into H.N.M.A., to receive of various ministry assistance, through guidance from the Board of Director’s Ordained Member’s, of the following as each individual need is applicable: Restoration ministries, Accountability relationships, Church Planting, Legal Structuring, Incorporation Advisement, Evangelization Technique Training Sessions, Idea sharing, Mentoring, Basic Training Guidance, Relationship Building opportunities with like minded ministers; Processes for Ordination and / or License to minister status.

Ministry Affiliation

Ministries in Association operate under their own Group Tax Exemption 501C3. The requirements for becoming an ASSOCIATE IN MINISTRY (AIM) with Healing of the Nations Ministry are listed below.
The applicant (and the ministry making application) is reminded that Healing of the Nations Ministry is trans-denominational.

We believe our basic purpose is "Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit." Any person or ministry wanting to be listed as an ASSOCIATE is expected to maintain a connection with Healing of the Nations Ministry and be accountable to Healing of the Nations Ministry.

Connection is determined by the ASSOCIATES communicating regularly with our ministry and generally promoting unity in the Body of Christ.

Accountability includes (but is not limited to), the maintenance of a "ministry profile" that honors Christ, and doctrinal statements true to the basic tenets of the historic Christian faith.

Any person or ministry seeking to become an ASSOCIATE must make formal application to the Healing of the Nations Ministry Board.
The applicant will be notified by email as to the decision of the board.

Failure to comply with any of the requirements concerning connection or accountability can result in the revocation of the ministry's (or person's) ASSOCIATION with Healing of the Nations Ministry by the executive board.
The record of such will be in the files of the international office.

Ministry Affiliation

To Apply for Church Association
Please send all initial application information to the Ministry e-mail address found under “Contact Us” on the Web Site.
Staff will then return contact either by e-mail, or, by telephone, as each applies.

Provide to Board of Director’s of H.N.M.A. the following

~ Name, Address, Phone, of Church, and best contact day’s and hour’s for Pastor

~ Whether said Church is registered as a Not For Profit Religious Perpetual, or Benevolent Organization

~ Written copy of the Church Declaration of Faith “We Believes” and years in operation, or, new work

~ Current Number of Active Members

~ Name of Current Pastor, Name’s of Board Member’s, or Deacon’s, Elders, or Trustees (IF) said Church is a new work being started, or, a group desiring to begin a new work, the “stage” of work

~ A written clause, stating that in so becoming Associated, said church will prayerfully, periodically send “Love Offering’s” into Healing of the Nation’s Ministries Association as the Lord provides increase, to assist in the over-all administration of the operation’s of the Association, as a registered affiliated Member Church.

~Each Church should have established a set of guidelines in regular operations, involving the following;

~ Proper Child and Minor Aged individual’s Protection Measures at all times, for all types of activities

~ Pastor’s and Ministry Staff should have established anti-harassment measures during one to one counseling, and for all Church Activities

~ If an affiliating Church has not yet established the above, either in Church operation’s ; Leadership of H.N.M.A. are available to discuss various ideas for fulfilling and maintaining the above.

~Each Church should also check with their State, or, Province Government Agencies to request various legal advisements, and should avail themselves of various on-line information, such as basic “Sensitivity Training Courses”. All affiliating individuals must agree to abide by any and all Government Regulation’s and Laws, as they pertain to
Church and Religious work.
To Apply for Individual Ministerial Association

Please send all initial application information to the Ministry e-mail address found under “Contact Ministry” on the Web Site. Staff will then return contact either by e-mail, or, by telephone, as each applies.

Healing of the Nations Ministry believes in "Autonomy with Accountability."
Too many independent ministries have no accountability.

• Statement describing his/her conversion
• Statement describing his/her call into ministry
• Mailing address, email addresses, all phone numbers
• Local church, pastor's name, phone numbers, email address
• Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses for THREE
references other than his/her pastor
• Recent photo

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